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Magento 2 Buy Now - the best solution for your store!

Demo link:

This widget will increase your conversion rate by go to the checkout page directly instead of the cart page.

Beside the default button "Add to cart", we will add the "Buy now" button. This button will be added to category page/ product page and other page by setting the Buy now template on widgets.

Add button "Buy Now" for Allow Users Add to Cart and redirect to Checkout page

Key Features

  1. Buy Now for CDP
  2. Buy Now for PDP
  3. Buy Now for Upsell
  4. Buy Now for Related
  5. Buy Now for Crosssell
  6. Remove other items when click Buy Now
  7. Support Widget with new templates (Widgets: Catalog Products List, Catalog New Products List)


composer require megastorm/module-buynow

php bin/magento setup:upgrade

php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

Go to Store > Configuration > MegaStorm > Buy Now


We can config the page to show this button and other settings by go to Backend/ Store/ Configuration/ Magestorn/ Pay now

Check this button on Frontend:

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